Monday, May 16, 2011

Who, Why, What, Where etc

The Green Frog. Who? Me!

The name stems from a series of synapses firing in what seemed like a logical progression of thought. The trigger was that my actual name is already taken as a Twitter handle. I joined really late (4 weeks ago?). So I had to get creative. Take my first initial, few letters from my last name, throw in some Spanish and a nod toward my sustainability interests, and (E)LSapoVerde is born. Since I invested at least 18 seconds in the creation of that name for Twitter, I figured I should use it again, to get the best ROI on my time and ROA on the name.

So here we are, but where is here? Well, this is my first ever blog entry. And this is the space where I intend to collect my findings, thoughts, and rants regarding CleanTech, Sustainability, the Green Economy, Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy (/shameless keyword plugs) and perhaps even my noisy Harlem neighbors. Maybe.

So let's begin then. I'll start with my urban solar project. Who says that people living in a sardine can stacked 10+ stories up in the air can't do solar PV in their "homes" ?  Why do the private houses get to have all the fun? I'll show them.

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